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A supportive community focused on science-based information for hormone health, perimenopause + menopause education, functional nutrition, midlife mindest, supplementation, and women's health products. Let's grow up hormonally healthy together!

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My name is Dr. Kellye and I want to share my 20+ years of experience working with women and their hormone health with you. As a Holistic Health Provider, Functional Nutrition Counselor, hormone health expert, and best-selling author, I promise to help all of us grow up hormonally healthy so we can be vibrant, strong, and sexy!

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  • A supportive and empowering environment

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Meet Dr. Kellye

Your host with brains and heart ♥

Kellye Schab

Dr. Kellye is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, a perimenopause/menopause specialist, a best-selling author, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and a patient advocate who has improved lives working with aging women for 20+ years while managing her own hormonal challenges and that of her three daughters. She empowers busy women to say goodbye to overwhelm and hormone imbalance so they can achieve sustainable energy + whole-body balance. Dr. Kellye is passionate about educating women so they can become the hero of their hormone journey, take control of their hormones, and don't leave menopause to chance. Women deserve to feel fabulous as they grow up!


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