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    1. Why are we so confused about hormones?

    2. Video Presentation: Hormone Therapy - Why you questioned it then and why you can reliably trust it now

    1. Options for working with me

    1. Resources used for the video presentation

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Kellye Schab

Dr. Kellye is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, a perimenopause/menopause specialist, a best-selling author, a Doctor of Pharmacy, and a patient advocate who has improved lives working with aging women for 20+ years while managing her own hormonal challenges and that of her three daughters. She empowers busy women to say goodbye to overwhelm and hormone imbalance so they can achieve sustainable energy + whole-body balance. Dr. Kellye is passionate about educating women so they can become the hero of their hormone journey, take control of their hormones, and don't leave menopause to chance. "We deserve to feel fabulous as we grow up!"

To use hormones or not use hormones?

Let me help clear it up!